Scheana Shay Slams Nick Viall For Using Her To “Stay Relevant”

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“Scheana Shay believes Nick Viall uses her to “stay relevant.”

The Vanderpump Rules OG slammed the The Bachelor alum for his inability to keep her name out of his mouth.

Does Nick use Scheana for relevance?

A VPR fan took to the comment section on Instagram to pull a Will Smith on Nick demanding, “Keep Scheana’s name out of your mouth!”

Scheana slid into the comments to throw shade at the season 21 Bachelor for commenting on her so frequently The Viall Files.

“But then how would [Nick] stay relevant? 😂,” wondered Scheana.

In case you missed it:

During a recent episode of the Scheananigans podcast, Scheana admitted to feeling targeted by Nick in order to “stay relevant.”

“I feel like I have been a subject on the last several episodes of his podcast because he has nothing else to talk about.”

“He keeps bringing Charli [Burnett] on and Katie [Maloney] and Dayna [Kathan] just did an episode recently.”

Although the Bravo TV personality considered Nick a friend, their relationship soured when he insulted her marriage.

“I have known [Nick] for years,” began Scheana before adding, “I have his phone number and we have done some social media things together. I have appeared on his podcast.”

Things changed when “Charli referred to [Brock] as a payroll husband. And then in the next episode, I think Nick referred to [Brock] as the payroll husband.”

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Author’s note:

Before Scheana had issues with Nick for using her to stay relevant, Nick competed on Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test with Tom Sandoval … one of Scheana’s “best friends.”

I’m curious to see if Tom remained friends with Nick outside of the competition reality tv show knowing how torn the Good as Gold crooner feels about wanting to move forward with a friendship with Sandoval.

I wonder how Scheana will take to Sandoval (possibly) staying friends with someone who she thinks clout chases her …

Do you think Nick is using Scheana for relevance?