RHONY Recap! An Intimates Affair & The Biggest Boob

  • Kristen Farrell

    Bethenny gifts herself some new jewelry for her birthday. “Treat yourself, don’t cheat yourself!” –Bethenny


  • Atlantic Grill

    Ramona and Dorinda order-in at her newly revamped, post-divorce digs. “Everything that was Mario is gone. It’s like he was never here!” –Ramona


  • Antique Garage

    Carole and Bethenny have dinner and dish on Carole’s relationship with her much younger boyfriend, Adam. “I only have 5 good summers left.” –Carole


  • Madame Paulette

    Dorinda picks up her diva-wear from boyfriend John’s upscale dry-cleaning service. “I can make the mess and clean it up.” -John 


  • Town Shop  | Gansevoort Hotel Meatpacking NYC

    Dorinda hosts a professional bra-fitting that’s supposed to bring the girls together, but this boob-party gets busted when they start criticizing her boyfriend John. “She reacted like an animal being caged!” –Ramona Just when things can’t get worse, John shows up drunk and picking fights which only justifies the girls’ feelings. “You’re an embarrassment.” –Dorinda



  • Pierre’s

    In the Hamptons, Dorinda meets up with Bethenny and Ramona to hash out the John-drama once and for all but they’re shocked she’s even still with John after his latest verbal attack. “Dorinda has drunk the kool-aid. She’s in the cult. She’s in the commune and we ain’t getting her out!” –Bethenny


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