Dorit Kemsley Faces Getting Fired If She Doesn’t Admit PK Kemsley Moved Out

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Dorit Kemsley faces getting fired from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills if she and her husband, Paul ‘PK’ Kemsley, don’t admit what’s really happening in their marriage. According to reports from The Daily Mail, PK has fled the family home and currently resides at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Time for the truth:

The source spilled, “If she doesn’t open up about her marital issues, she will be cut down to only three episodes next season and be labeled a ‘friend’ and not a full-time cast member.” The publication also learned that “Dorit is dragging her feet” on making this decision. “She really does not want to be seen as a single mother in Beverly Hills, because once you were labeled that you don’t get invited to parties, you lose friends.”

The source also said that PK has all the famous friends. “He has a lot of celebrity friends and pull, so she doesn’t want to lose him at the end of the day.” The insider elaborated, “and it’s not just about power. She does not want the world to know she has failed at her marriage. The kids don’t really know they are on a break either, they think Papa has just taken some time away from the house for business. She worries about the kids.” Dorit is currently pondering whether she should downgrade to “a ‘friend’ and try to repair her marriage in secret? Or does she spill the beans about her break with PK and expose all the ugly details and get a bigger part on the show?”

“She loves PK so it’s very hard for her. She wants to stay married to him. He loves that she is fun and beautiful.” Additionally, “She loves that he is business savvy and has a zillion friends,” continued the source close to the RHOBH cast.

Bravo TV fans react:

  • DORIT START TALKING! I don’t want to lose the fashion icon 😭
  • Geez, Bravo turning savage.
  • Does the same go for Kyle and her romance, or no? 😒
  • Woooo lord lots of threats! First, Kyle being demanded she be honest about munching on luncheon meats. Now, Dorit being forced to admit she’s single and rents outfits!
  • I’m vibrating. Reveal everything Dorit, no one is booking Boy George like that!
  • She should’ve been fired instead of crystal. We all know she’s never gonna be real about this

Do you think Dorit will quietly try to repair her marriage or opt for reality tv ‘fame’?