Dorit Kemsley Leaked Private Text From Kyle Richards Ahead Of RHOBH Reunion

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Dorit exposes Kyle’s text message!

Dorit Kemsley leaked a private text message from Kyle Richards just ahead of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion episodes.

Sneak peek:

In an upcoming scene with Erika Jayne, Dorit revealed, “I haven’t heard from [Kyle] in a couple of months.”

“Then, she sends me a text yesterday, basically trying to silence me.”

“It was so manipulative, it was so calculated,” concluded the Buca di Beppo ‘Capri’ room designer.

Kyle’s (leaked) text to Dorit:

Kyle wrote, “Hi, I’ve been trying to reach out because I know we are in a weird place and it really bothers me. AND it’s not even on the show… I wanted to explain where I am at and why I have been distant, but my hands were tied.”

“Of course, some interview comments hurt my feelings and created more issues for me but I am used to that and I could get past it in time. I also reminded myself that you didn’t know what I was going through with Moe at the time for most of these remarks.”

Ruuuhmurs and nastiness:

“But then I heard some things that you said about the off camera that hurt me deeply and I wasn’t even able to say what I heard or from whom. It was one of those things where I wish I just didn’t know at all. I wasn’t able to share. I was left hurt and couldn’t even try to work through it with you.”

“And I know you will be frustrated and once you know what and who said it. But I can’t. It’s just frustrating to me as it will be for you. Trust me.”

Kyle’s struggle:

“I have gone through such a hard time, Dorit. I’ve been in so much pain. I can’t tell you. Never have I felt so low.”

“And I know you are also going through hard time.”

Kyle’s text to Dorit continued, “Normally I would have reached out to check on you, but I was hurt and very depressed.”

“I’ve spent 30 years with Moe. Married 28 and I have no idea how to live without him or how to navigate through life on my own because I have so much on my plate for tomorrow and I know you do too.”

“I love you, PK, and your kids so much. I’ve been thinking about you a lot and hoping you aren’t struggling too much.”

“I don’t want to lose someone else in my life over a TV show,” continued the Bravo TV star.

Were you silent or were you silenced?

Kyle’s text to Dorit continued, “They don’t even know we are going through a hard time so I don’t see the need to bring it up there.”

“I should have said something sooner, but I honestly haven’t been strong enough. But relationships and YOU are more important to me than RHOBH and I don’t feel like ‘bringing it’ for the [drama] at our expense. Especially when we have enough battles to handle as it is.”

“I would give anything not to go and have to do this. I don’t know how much longer I can do this show. It’s so toxic and create so much anxiety for me. Anyway, let me know if you want to talk. Xx.”

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