Monica Garcia To Take Legal Action Against A Blog Who Claimed She’s Not On The Traitors Because She Failed A Psych Evaluation

the traitors monica garcia psych test

Monica Garcia is taking legal action against a blog that claimed she did not pass a psych exam to appear on Peacock‘s award-winning competition reality show, The Traitors. The terminated Real Housewives of Salt Lake City – who participated in an online RHOSLC bully page – took to the comment section to speak her mind.

“This is actually terrible that you would post this,” began Monica. “Complete lie. Disgusting!!” Tagging the blog that spread faux information, Monica continued to berate @TheNeighborhoodTalk. “Let’s get on the call with the executives together.”

“Let’s find out how good your source is. I am the source. I didn’t even do one interview. Pathetic and absolutely disgusting. I will be taking legal action. This is insanely damaging, and FALSE.”

 In case you missed it:

Bloggers at @TheNeighborhoodTalk posted an exclusive. “Former RHOSLC star, Monica Garcia, who was caught running a fake account that bullied her costars, was allegedly booted from NBC’s ‘The Traitors’ because she failed a psych exam.”


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Bravo TV fans react:

  • Everyone with the legal actions – the ones winning are their lawyers
  • Ok, but I don’t think this is ok. I don’t like going after people about their mental health. Possibly, is she really failed that. That’s a low blow. I don’t know a lot about her but if she is doing bad mentally, this is what pushes people. Not ok.
  • Someone sent this to them and i want to know WHO – i don’t believe it
  • By legal action, she means she’s gonna try and find your address, drive by and rack up 20,000 miles in 3 months
  • “Let’s find out who the source is. I am the source.” GIRL! You are proving 👏 their 👏 point!👏😂😂😂


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