RHOSLC Fans React To Monica Garcia Getting Fired

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Monica Garcia has been let go from the Bravosphere.

People reported the one-season wonder from the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City will “depart” after her “breakout season.”

Monica, “the sassy standout, 40, will not be joining costars Heather GayMeredith MarksLisa BarlowWhitney Rose, and Angie Katsanevas when cameras pick back up next month, according to insiders.”


Monica was one of the multiple trolls who online bullied the cast from the finsta account @RealityVonTease.

After her year-long harassment of the cast and a counter lawsuit to Heather’s Beauty Lab + Laser  (which has been dismissed,) no one wanted to film with her.

Fans react:

  • Put her on the traitors or house of villains immediately
  • Karma they had to do it cause they would be copy cats and then that screws with their brand of reality 💯
  • This is disappointing. She was very entertaining.
  • She made this season a great season, and even though she messed up, she kept it real and was honest about everything! I’m sad she’s out, but we all saw this coming. 😪
  • Welp, there goes the show 📉
  • We love her but it was the right decision. Her journey on reality tv should just be getting started though. She’d be great on other shows.. just not “REAL” Housewives.
  • That’s a big mistake for them…honestly it was not interesting without her. Although I don’t agree with what transpired with fake pages and such, SHE and SHE ALONE made the season 🤷🏽‍♀️ my humble opinion

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The Bravo TV universe could potentially make a big move around a controversial one-season Real Housewife.

A reliable source told podcaster Ryan Bailey, “Monica [Garcia] will not be coming back to the show.”

Even though Monica brought a huge buzz to theReal Housewives of Salt Lake City, production is allegedly “already deep into casting” to replace Jen Shah‘s former errand runner’s spot.

The alleged newbies:

Ryan continued, “The one person I can tell you will be on the show next season on [RHOSLC] is a girl named Brittany – I’m not going to give the last name. Brittany is going to be a cast member on Salt Lake City.”

“The other cast member is somebody extremely wealthy, who is very into fashion … makes Dorit [Kemsley] look like a pauper.”

She has “a clothing, like a closet that is probably not to be believed.”

“I’m going to hold the second name [for] a couple weeks. I don’t want to get anybody in trouble, but I have been told Monica is not coming back and they’ve moved on with casting.”

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Here’s more from Ryan Bailey:

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