Monica Garcia’s Countersuit Against Heather Gay Dismissed

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Monica Garcia‘s lawsuit against Heather Gay‘s company, Beauty Lab + Laser, has been dismissed.

According to reports from The Sun, a “Utah judge has officially dismissed” the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City newbie’s counter-lawsuit “on January 17.”

The court’s conclusion:

“After reviewing all corresponding pleadings, the court dismissed her case since her claim is ‘time barred by the statute of limitations’ and Monica ‘failed to obtain a certificate of compliance from the Division of Professional Licensing.'”

Because “the law is clear and straightforward in this matter,” the court determined a hearing on the motion “would not be helpful.”


The legal issues between BL+L and Monica began when the controversial newbie failed to make payments on her debt to the cosmetic med spa … that she charged to the name Monica Fowler.

“The Salt Lake City medical spa said in the docs that Monica signed a contract with them on December 10, 2019. Monica only paid the initial payment of $449, which included the $49 set-up fee and $400 down payment.”

According to the agreement, Monica was expected to pay $200 a month for the next 10 months, but she failed to make payments.

The lawsuit states Beauty Lab “suffered, and continues to suffer, significant losses and damages” because of Monica not making payments as agreed.

That’s when Monica lawyered up …

Monica fired back at Beauty Lab by by suing for “breach of independent duty of care, breach of contract, and breach of duty of good faith and fair dealing.”

Monica “admitted she only made the payment of $449, but the reason why she didn’t continue to make additional payments was because she believes she ‘received defective, negligently given injections, which did not have the intended, promised result.’”

As a result of Monica’s “botched” injections, she claimed she had to go to another “competent party to fix the damage” to her nose and lips, even though Beauty Lab offered to provide the services.

In case you were wondering …

Beauty Lab + Laser’s lawsuit against Monica is still active.

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