There Are 20+ Lawsuits Against RHOSLC’s Monica Garcia!

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RHOSLC ‘s controversial cast member, Monica Garcia, was called out by Cesie and Angela from The Bravo Docket podcast for having over 20+ lawsuits against her.

The practicing attorneys provided CliffsNotes on the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star’s legal issues.

“I did a search for Monica Fowler and there are many lawsuits that came up for Monica Fowler including the divorce and and Beauty Lab + Laser” … which is co-owned by Monica’s co-star, Heather Gay.

“So, assuming she is the sole Monica Fowler in Utah and that she was born in 1984 and lives in Kaysville, Utah … she has several lawsuits against her.”

Although none of the lawsuits were deemed “groundbreaking,” the complaints against Monica are plentiful.

“About 20 of [the lawsuits] are debt collection cases.”

“One is a lien, one is the divorce, and then one is the breach of contract claim by Beauty Lab + Laser.”

Additional suits claim Monica “did not make payments on” credit cards, failure to pay for “pediatric dental and orthodontics services,” emergency care for one of her kids, and an array of traffic fines.

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