Scheana Shay Claims Calling Ariana Madix Her Backup Dancer Was A Joke, Not Shade

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Scheana Shay claims she was kidding when she referred to Ariana Madix as her backup dancer. 

The Vanderpump Rules OG explained on the Schenanigans podcast that her “joke” was misconstrued.

Scheana began, “I literally meant this as a joke. I did not mean shade.”

In regards to referring to Ariana as her backup dancer, Scheana explained, “I feel like often at times when I tend to be self-deprecating, it’s not received well. It doesn’t land.”

“I always look for opportunities where the show can do flashbacks and I think that’s one thing that I’ve been really good about in my now 11 seasons on the show is just bringing up moments where you can look back.”

Bravo TV fans react:

  • It’s not self-deprecating if it’s about someone else…?
  • Sure sounded shady, & the expression on her face when she said it was pure shade.
  • I wish Scheana could just apologize to Ariana for the backup dancer comment
  • This wasn’t self deprecating because she wasn’t talking about herself (for once in her life).
  • I get the scheana hate but that was very clearly a joke
  • it’s not a self deprecating joke, you’re deprecating your “best friend” and trying to have a snarky line for a tv show.

See for yourself:


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In case you missed Scheana calling Ariana her backup dancer:

During a VPR confessional, Scheana revealed, “This year, I started taking dance class” in hopes of being asked to be on Dancing With the Stars. “I was preparing in case I did get it.”

Ariana getting asked to be on DWTS “was kind of a punch to the gut, for sure,” admitted the former SURver.

“Good for her. [Ariana] has come such a long way from being my backup dancer,” Scheana concluded while grinning at the camera like a devil.

Scheana clarified that she was thrilled to support Ariana, adding, “I am so happy for her. But I can be happy for her and sad for me at the same time.”

Do you think Scheana referring to Ariana as her backup dancer was shade or just a joke?