Heather Gay Reveals Jen Shah Gave Her The Black Eye

heather gay jen shah gave me the black eye rhoslc real housewives of salt lake city

Jailbird Jen Shah is guilty of another crime … assault.

Guilty (again):

It was revealed on the season four Real Housewives of Salt Lake City finale that it was, indeed, Jen Shah who gave Heather Gay a black eye during a cast trip in her final season before going to prison.

Bravo TV fans are flabbergasted by the revelation … and the slew of future storylines coming up in season 5.

Here are some highlights:

    • great real housewives episode of all time period. no notes. give them all the emmy’s.
    • Remember that one time Heather lied about a black eye to protect a criminal who scammed the elderly?
    • so many jaw drops and gasp I couldn’t sit still with the amount of f bombs were being dropped 😂🤌🏾 and WE KNEW JEN WAS THE ONE WHO DID TO HEATHER
    • I need all the people that trolled Juan’s wife for willingly withholding information to keep that same energy towards lil miss black eye!!!!
    • This is the first time Bravo has accurately hyped viewers up for a season during its season Premiere opening scene because wow. My jaw is on the FLOOR!

See for yourself!

In case you forgot, Andy Cohen thought Jen was responsible for Heather’s black eye from the start.

Did you think Jen gave Heather the black eye all along? Does this change your opinion of Heather? Drop all your thoughts below.