Jackie Goldschneider Said Margaret Josephs Wanted Her And Jenn Fessler To Quit If Teresa Giudice’s Husband Louie Ruelas Returned

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Jackie Goldschneider claims Margaret Josephs wanted her and Jennifer Fessler to ban together and quit Real Housewives of New Jersey if Teresa Giudice‘s husband, Louie Ruelas, returned tom the show. A mass exodus “was asked of me and Jenn Fessler.”

Margaret wanted to make a statement:

In an interview with Page Six, Jackie disclosed that Margaret planned a walk-out if Louie returned to RHONJ. “Margaret didn’t want me and Jenn Fessler to come back to the show [if Louie came back]. She wanted to leave and she wanted all of us to leave together.”

According to Jackie, Jenn Fessler agreed. “Ok, I will do that for you,” But, Jackie refused. “I love you, but I’m not leaving my job because you don’t like somebody,” explained Jackie. “I think that started everything. There was tension because of that.”

Friendship philosophy:

“There was a level of loyalty expected of me” that’s not aligned with my idea of friendship. “Friendships should be easy. They should contribute joy, and ease, and comfort into your life.” Also, friendship “shouldn’t be having to answer for everything and blind loyalty. A lot was expected of me as a friend.”

Bravo TV fans react:

  • Wow. Why didn’t Marge quit? She was the one that said she was afraid of Luis
  • Jackie knows how to stay relevant and mix it up for a storyline. Plus, she knows falling out with Marge would secure her another season. 👀
  • No, they had a plan to ice Tre out and that’s why she wanted them gone bc they knew Jackie and Jen F were considered weak.
  • Margaret thinks she runs the state of New Jersey and the girls in it honey! She was never going to leave that show, PULEASE! Meanwhile, Teresa still the OG unbothered in her castle. 💅🏾 💅🏾 😂
  • I love Teresa since day one, but every episode being about who’s being friend with her is annoyinggggg 😩
  • Why did Margaret just quit if she didn’t want to film with Teresa or her husband. I’m glad Jackie and Jen didn’t quit Margaret didn’t want the dirty laundry to be exposed…. Spill the tea Jackie

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