RHONJ Stars Danielle Cabral And Jennifer Fessler Debate Ozempic Use

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Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Danielle Cabral and Jennifer Fessler have stong thoughts about the Ozempic craze.

During an episode of Virtual Reali-Tea, Danielle shared a story about a personal friend of hers who is having difficulty getting the medicine she requires.

The Bravo TV personality began, “I was with a very dear friend who actually needs it for medical reasons and cannot get it because of this stupid bullshit behavior.”

“She can’t get” the medicine that was prescribed to her.

Everyone who is taking Ozempic without being on doctor’s orders should “run on a fucking treadmill,” added the RHONJ star.

Jenn chimed in to speak on her experience as an Ozempic user.

“I’ve been running on a treadmill for 55 years.”

“I’ve been trying,” continued Jenn. “I’ve been tortured. It’s been a mind fuck for me.”

“My weight and food for so many years … this is the first time in my life I’ve had some relief.”

“I don’t what to say. I’ve tried everything to control my weight. I was a raging bulimic. I was 223 pounds at my highest.”

Jenn clarified, “I wasn’t obese when I started the housewives, but trust me, my head spins. My binging, my coo-coo’ness around food has been excruciatingly painful.”

Using Ozempic “is the first time I’ve gotten some freedom around it.”


Jenn was hospitalized after being dangerously constipated after using the controversial weight-loss medication, but she won’t stop using it.

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