VPR Season 11 Anger Counter Goes Viral As Tom Sandoval Tops The List – Find Out Where Ariana Madix Ranked

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Vanderpump Rules fans were provided data from Redditor u/Open_Ad4421 regarding the amount of times the eight main cast members displayed acts of ‘anger’ during season 11. In a Reddit post titled, ‘What in the gaslighty hell is going on with the constant insistence that Ariana [Madix] is raging and angry?,’ a bar graph was created to count angry outbursts from the cast.

First, the data:

**This chart was dropped after the first 19 of 20 episodes of VPR11 aired. It was not noted how many episodes were used in their data collection.**

Beginning with the highest anger count is Mr. Scandoval himself, Tom Sandoval. The karaoke enthusiast topped the list with 17 fits of anger so far this season. Second on the list is Scheana Shay, which is no surprise after making Scandoval about her. Also, who can forget her reaction to Ariana getting cast on Dancing With the Stars and not her. Following Scheana is her husband, Brock Davies. The stay-at-home-dad to Summer ranked as the third most likely person to get angry on camera with a total of nine examples to date.

Lala Kent and James Kennedy ranked 4th and 5th on the ‘Anger Counter.’ Ocean’s mom was angry on camera seven times so far this season, while the Coachella DJ showed anger five times thus far into season 11.

The data collected proves Ariana, Katie Maloney, and Tom Schwartz are have shown the fewest fits of anger in the cast. The co-owners of the upcoming Something About Her sandwich shop each displayed anger three times on season 11 so far, while Katie’s ex got angry only two times leading up to the finale.

The data and production’s edit doesn’t align:

Bravo TV fans came out in droves to call out the hypocrisy of the data vs the ‘Sandoval redemption arc’ that the network has shoved down the audiences’ throats.

  • Brock: give me an example of male rage. Hmmm slapping your ex??????????????
  • Andy is a male sympathizer as well
  • HOWWWWWWW can anyone stick up for Sandoval??? 😩⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️
  • Ariana is entitled to the most anger but has chosen proper restraint. She’s never taken it out on anyone else, even when Lala raised HER voice at Ariana multiple times to force her to see her side.
  • Andy Cohen and VPR production just don’t have It anymore, 🤦‍♀️Trying to Gaslight us

See the data for yourself:

What’s your opinion of the data collection from season 11 of Pump Rules as opposed to the narrative Bravoholics are getting spoon fed from production?