Danielle Olivera Dishes on Lindsay Hubbard’s New Man


During Thursday night’s Watch What Happens Live, Danielle Olivera spilled the tea on Lindsay Hubbard’s new man.

On the heels of her broken engagement with Carl Radke, Lindsay Hubbard is back on the market and dating! Not much is known  about her mystery man, but Lindsay’s costar and bestie, Danielle Olivera, gave fans a teaser.


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“I haven’t met him,” the Summer House star began. “But I’ve seen pictures.”

Olivera went on to detail that he’s “very good looking” and employed.

“He has a job – a good one.”

A major point of contention between Radke and Hubbard this season is Radke’s lack of motivation toward finding a new career.

In 2023, Radke left Loverboy (Kyle Cooke’s beverage company) in hopes of starting anew. However, even after investing $20,000 in a career coach, the former consultant had yet to nail down any work leads, despite Hubbard’s constant inquisition.

“I think she was trying to push him and motivate him but did it in the exact wrong way. By questioning his manhood.”

“That’s not the way to motivate,” Olivera says.

Even though Carl and Lindsay didn’t pan out, Hubbard is thriving in her post engagement era.

The Fashion App founder and CEO reassured fans and viewers that “[Lindsay’s] happy. That’s all that matters.”

Do you think Lindsay Hubbard will go IG official with her “mystery man” soon?