Lindsay Hubbard Responds To Questioning Carl Radke’s Sobriety

lindsay carl sobriety

Lindsay Hubbard took to social media to make a statement regarding Carl Radke‘s sobriety.

Lindsay shared a message to her Instagram story stating how she wishes her sobriety conversation with Carl would have gone down.

“After watching back this week’s episode, I wish I had used better wording,” began the Summer House star.

“I was emotional and hurt by what had transpired earlier in the night, and what I said, was meant to be a private conversation at home with one of my best girlfriends.”

“I’ve never questioned Carl’s sobriety before this moment,” continued Lindsay, “and from day one I was his biggest supporter.”

“I’ve always been transparent on the show about my feelings and have leaned on my friends for support and that was my only intention here.”

Bravo TV fans react:

  • You offended everyone in recovery! WOW! That was an absolute disgrace.
  • Lindsay shouldn’t have questioned Carl being sober on screen. This is too delicate of a situation.
  • She didn’t clarify anything. She basically doubled down. No way she didn’t see that they had serious problems that would lead to a breakup. Sobriety isn’t something to play with.
  • I KNEW she was lying about being blindsided. She sucks!!!!
  • Interesting there is absolutely no apology in these words. Just trying to vindicate herself. As Carl said in the trailer, she’s really good at playing the victim 😬

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In case you missed it:

Before we witnessed how Lindsay mis-handled questioning Carl’s sobriety, she went on the record to “Thank God” for Carl breaking off their engagement.

During an episode of the Chicks in the Office podcast, Lindsay reminded the listeners she and Carl “were engaged to be married in two months” and how the breakup came out of nowhere.

“You would think that we were having a rough six months of fighting.”

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