Carl Radke “Didn’t Call Production” To Set Up Lindsay Hubbard

carl blindside lindsay

Carl is adamant he did not call production to set Lindsay up!

Carl Radke went on the record to set the record straight regarding his former fiancé, Lindsay Hubbard‘s claim against him.

The sober Summer House star assured US Weekly he “didn’t call production.”

Carl doesn’t want to play production games with Lindsay:

Carl continued, “I think that’s what’s unfortunate … getting into that game with” Lindsay. “I’m not going to play that game with her” because “I know the reality of it.”

“I didn’t call production to set her up. I didn’t call production season 5 when my brother passed away and I got a phone call.”

Carl once again stated, “I didn’t call production.”

“We are a big part of this show. We’ve been filming it for eight seasons.”

“I didn’t call production and purposely set something up like that.”

“It’s unfortunate that she feels that way, but – like I said – I’m not going to get into that game.”

“That’s the first time I’ve even said that. It’s scary. I know the reality – I was living it. I think you’re going to watch the reality that was actually happening.”

Carl’s current status:

“I’m in a new chapter here” and “really happy with my career – where I’m at with Loverboy.”

“Personally, my focus is on my family,” explained Carl.

“My parents are getting older. I’ve got a niece who is 15- she’s a freshman at the high school I used to go to.”

“Being present for my family” and “being present with my friendships – that’s all I can control right now.”

“I’m staying optimistic, but it’s been really really hard.”

See Carl claim he didn’t set Lindsay up with production:


Lindsay went on the record to “Thank God” for Carl breaking off their engagement.

During an episode of the Chicks in the Office podcast, Lindsay reminded the listeners she and Carl “were engaged to be married in two months” and how the breakup came out of nowhere.

“You would think that we were having a rough six months of fighting.”

“Like, no.”

Lindsay admitted, “We had some conflict in the beginning of summer and the last couple weeks of summer.”

“That’s not enough for me to break off a forever future with somebody,” reasoned the Summer House star.

“If he felt that way, that’s totally valid. But, you have to communicate through those feelings,” added Lindsay regarding her breakup with Carl.

“I’m completely at a point where I’m like, ‘Thank God.’”

Clearly, “I don’t want to be with a person who is that easy to run away from. [Couples have] problems. You have to work through them.”

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