Captain Lee Believes Kyle Cooke Contributed To Carl Radke And Lindsay Hubbard's Breakup

November 2, 2023 10:10am

Captain Lee Rosbach blames one of Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard’s Summer House co-stars for their split.

During an episode of Captain Lee’s Salty With Captain Lee podcast, Boat Daddy named Kyle Cooke for contributing to the demise of Carl and Lindsay’s relationship.

“You know the guy who really kind of ticks me off in that whole situation? Kyle.”

“I think he contributed to a certain degree,” continued the former Bravo TV star.

Reminiscing on an episode of Summer House when Carl got “shit-faced drunk” and talked smack about Carl’s fiancé, Lee reminded his listeners how well Carl handled himself.

“Carl sat there and took it and didn’t get all bent out of shape and aggressive on [Kyle]. Which he had every right to do.”

Captain Lee continued to criticize how Kyle kept talking about Carl and Lindsay’s split in the press.

“Then Kyle comes out and says he could see the cracks in the relationship. Wake up … You were part of the cracks!”

“You are supposed to be Carl’s best friend and all you do every waking moment that you’re talking to Carl is badmouthing Lindsay?!?! Is that what friends do,” asked Captain Lee.

“I feel bad for both” Carl and Lindsay.

“I think people that don’t know should realize that they don’t know and they shouldn’t speculate because their words have impact. I don’t know how Kyle and Carl stayed friends.”


Do you think Kyle had a role in Carl ending his relationship with Lindsay? Sound off below.

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