Dorit Kemsley Gives An Update On PK Separation And What RHOBH Viewers Will See Of Their Split

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Dorit Kemsley is taking her split from Paul ‘PK’ Kemsley “one day at a time.” Paparazzi from TMZ caught up with the self-proclaimed fashionista as she exited an upscale boutique. They asked about the state of her marriage and what Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans can expect from season 14.

The future of Dorit and PK’s marriage:

The mother-of-two began, “We are trying to focus on the kids. I don’t know [if we’ll get back together]. That’s not a question just for me. PK and Dorit are taking it “one step at a time.”

At the end of June, cryptic sign from Dorit Kemsley and Paul ‘PK’ Kemsley ‘s social media pages have given Bravoholics reason to believe the estranged couple may have reconciled. Instagram super-sleuth @BravoSnarkSide combed through Dorit and PK’s IG pages, and realized their joint separation statement was removed.

What to expect on RHOBH:

Dorit promised Bravoholics would see her separation from PK play out on RHOBH. “Oh yeah. Everything is on the show. It’s a reality show – it’s our reality. I’m not hiding anything.”

Could Dorit’s ‘hiding anything’ comment have been a low-key dig at her frenemy, Kyle Richards, for her close friendship with Morgan Wade?! It’s rumored that producers believed the Bravo TV personalities have been “hiding” their troubled marriage from the cameras …

In case you missed it:

Dorit faced getting fired from RHOBH if she and PK didn’t admit what’s really happening in their marriage. According to reports from The Daily Mail, “If she doesn’t open up about her marital issues, she will be cut down to only three episodes next season and be labeled a ‘friend’ and not a full-time cast member.”

The publication also learned that “Dorit is dragging her feet” on making this decision. “She really does not want to be seen as a single mother in Beverly Hills, because once you were labeled that you don’t get invited to parties, you lose friends.” The source spilled that PK has fled the family home and currently resides at the Beverly Hills Hotel. “He has a lot of celebrity friends and pull, so she doesn’t want to lose him at the end of the day.”

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