Danielle Staub Calls Out Teresa Giudice For Cashing “Another Paycheck” At Her Expense

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Danielle Staub wants Teresa Giudice to keep her good name out of her mouth. The former Real Housewives of New Jersey took to Twitter to slam Teresa for using Danielle to book gigs outside of the BravoSphere.

With everything Teresa has done, the table flip is the only thing she clings to on public platforms. That and ‘Prostitution whore engaged 19x’s.’ All defamatory towards me and it’s so S1 #RHONJ. The crown should be worn with grace and should probably stand for something,” explained the RHONJ alum. 

“Also, why is it relevant for her to use it in her audition for S2 #houseofvillains?” It’s “another paycheck for Teresa at my expense. Being as I was on [season] 1 and didn’t need to speak of her in a bad light, I’ve got my own name. If she’s so famous why not use her REAL life experience instead? 👑”

In case you missed it:

Danielle’s tweet was in response to the news that Teresa is booked and busy! According to a leak fro Tre’s on-again friend, Kim DePaola, the controversial RHONJ personality will join the House of Villains cast for its second season.

During an interview on Live with Dana Wilkey, Kim elaborated, “This woman is constantly working. Teresa is “on every show … Name That Tune. She’s going to be on Villains.” The newlywed recently “did a Superbowl commercial,” explained Kim before adding, “I think she has an amazing work ethic.”

Bravo TV fans react:

  • This could have been left in the drafts…
  • Just say that you are hurt that she uses an insult toward you from Season 1 as her “catchphrase”. Accusations of defamation when you admit your past wasn’t the best is stretching it.
  • Imagine if you never told Teresa to ‘Pay Attention, Please.’ You got her activated and this was the outcome. You should have kept that tone for the Manzo sister.
  • She’s so overrated. I hate her and thinks she’s awful. I’m so sick of her antics and would love it if you were back.
  • I think it’s the audience and promoters clinging to it, not Teresa.

Where do you stand in the infamous and ongoing feud between Danielle and Teresa?