Brittany Cartwright Slams Jax Taylor For How Bad Their Marriage Is “Behind Closed Doors”

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Brittany Cartwright made her first public statements since her estranged husband, Jax Taylor, went on two dates within 12 hours with OnlyFans model Paige Woolen. The star of The Valley took to her Instagram story to share two posts about her baby daddy.

The posts:

Brittany shared a message with her followers. “Girl, you have no idea how amazing life is about to get for you. Stay focused and trust the process.”


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Although Brittany’s message appears cryptic, when paired with her next IG story, fans knew it was about Jax. Brittany reposted a video by content creator, @YouKnowNat. In the video, Jax gets dragged for taking a show that was supposed to be about his family and the next chapter of his life and, instead, acts like a man child who belittles his wife on camera for the world to see.

Brittany agreed with the sentiment … she even doubled down on Jax’s behavior! “Thank you and just imagine what I’ve been through behind closed doors.”


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Bravo TV fans react:

  • Wouldn’t it be amazing karma if Brittany came back next season & we can see her dating & not having him stealing her “sparkle” AND him not be asked back!?!
  • Sorry, no sympathy for Brit. Maybe go back to Kentucky and start fresh
  • We need the hottest man on the planet to start dating Britt ASAP so we can watch Jax go in circles this season
  • @brittany knew exactly who she was marrying and still chose to do it. Stop trying to be a victim, you chose it.
  • so instead of doing everything he was supposed to do to save their marriage during the separation he went and got a new girlfriend? wow

In case you missed it:

PageSix reported, “Woolen arrived in a limousine to pick up the reality star from his and Cartwright’s shared home before they were escorted to the restaurant.” Although the pair didn’t show any signs of PDA, they were awful close arriving and leaving the eatery together. Jax took Paige continued to his bar, Jax’s Studio City, before they concluded their date.

The night before, TMZ caughtPaige and Jax were seen on a date at Sherman Oak’s The Oaks Tavern. “Eyewitnesses say Jax and his lady friend arrived together around 11:30 PM PT Friday night … and, several friends in their party hopped up to perform karaoke at the low-key establishment. Jax and the woman left together after about an hour and a half, ” spilled the source. They hit “the road around 1 in the morning.”

Jax and Tits McGee were most recently spotted canoodling at Jeremy Madix‘s birthday party at Jax’s Studio City.

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