Jax Taylor Spotted With OnlyFans Model Paige Woolen Amid Brittany Cartwright Split

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Jax Taylor was spotted with OnlyFans model, Paige Woolen, following his split with his wife/baby mama Brittany Cartwright. PageSix spotted the The Valley star and the busty beauty on Saturday at the Granville Cafe in Los Angeles for a three-hour-long lunch date.

The tabloid reported, “Woolen arrived in a limousine to pick up the reality star from his and Cartwright’s shared home before they were escorted to the restaurant.” Although the pair didn’t show any signs of PDA, they were awful close arriving and leaving the eatery together. Jax took Paige continued to his bar, Jax’s Studio City, before they concluded their date.

In case you missed it:

TMZ caught Jax and a mystery woman at The Oaks Tavern in Sherman Oaks on Saturday night. The duo sat closely within their group of friends.

“Eyewitnesses say Jax and his lady friend arrived together around 11:30 PM PT Friday night … and, several friends in their party hopped up to perform karaoke at the low-key establishment. Jax and the woman left together after about an hour and a half, ” spilled the source. They hit “the road around 1 in the morning.”

*Edit to add … the mystery woman is, in fact, Paige. Instagrammer @BritneyWithFreckles posted a video with Jax and Paige at the karaoke bar the night before their three-hour-long lunch date*


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**Edit to add 5/26 @10:53pm:**

Jax and the blow up doll his new lady friend were caught canoodling at Jeremy Madix‘s birthday which was hosted at Jax’s Studio City.**

Bravo TV fans react:

  • Very on brand for Jax, Britney can now definitely move on and live the life she deserves. He’s such 🗑️
  • Well Damn, that was quick…🤦🏽‍♀️. YOU DESERVE BETTER @brittany
  • 🤭it’s gunna take one photo of Britney laughing with some mystery guy to send him through the roof
  • From the man who said “divorce is not an option.” My guess is that he is grabbing more than just lunch.
  • Well we know Jax is a boob man
  • Who in their RIGHT MIND would want to be with him. She MUST NOT watch Bravo 😮

What do you think about Jax dating? Does anyone else get the vibe that Jax called the paparazzi to photograph him today? Drop your opinion off below.