Ann Maddox Details How Ariana Madix’s Dog Maya Almost Died In The House With Tom Sandoval

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Tom Sandoval‘s former assistant, Ann Maddox detailed how Ariana Madix‘s dog, Maya, got so sick she needed to get her stomach pumped.

During an episode of the I Signed An NDA podcast, Ann explained what happened the day the air conditioning in Ariana and Sandoval’s shared home broke and Maya nearly died.

Ann was at the scene of the crime:

“I was working that day, so this is what I witnessed …  just so we can put the puzzle pieces together.”

First, “The air-conditioning repair man came. The thermostat is in Ariana’s room, so we let the air conditioner repair man into Ariana’s room to fiddle with it,” became the Vanderpump Rules newbie.

“Meanwhile, Tom also went in there and I also helped out a little bit. I got the ladder, I showed them where the thermostat is, and then I left.”

“I went on an errand and when I got back from my errand, the door was shut.”

Ann says the mystery remains whether Sandoval locked Ariana’s dog, Maya, in her room:

“So, I don’t know who actually shut the door. It could’ve been the air-conditioning repair man. It could’ve been my old boss, but when I saw that the door was closed, I heard whimpering, like, really loud whimpering behind the door and I was like, “Oh, is Ariana home?'”

“But, she obviously wasn’t home. Her car wasn’t there.”  

Ann explained Sandoval was home with Maya while Ariana was out. “So, I opened the door to let Maya out. I open the door and I was like Maya what are you doing like, why do you like yourself in?'”

Ultimately, Maya “just kind of wagged her tail and left the room. That’s all that I witnessed.”

Bravo TV fans react:

  • No one is safe with that creep. So lucky Ann checked. Poor Ms Mya 😢
  • I’m so happy Ann is with Ariana and Maya now rather than Sandoval
  • can we acknowledge that it’s pretty gross of Ariana to leave old food in her room in the first place
  • it was definitely his responsibility to make sure she was out of the room before closing the door, and even if it was the repair man who actually shut the door, it’s his responsibility to check and make sure she’s not in there. It’s roommate 101, and common sense.
  • Ariana shouldn’t leave the dog in Tom’s care at all if she doesn’t trust him. I know I wouldn’t

What’s your opinion of Ariana, Sandoval, and Maya’s situation?

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