Ariana Madix And Kristen Doute Discuss The Evolution Of Their Friendship

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Ariana Madix and Kristen Doute discussed how their friendship evolved after both dated Tom Sandoval.

Enemies to friends:

The Vanderpump Rules star turned Broadway actress made an appearance in April on Kristen’s Balancing Act podcast. Ariana told The Valley star, “Obviously, people saw what they saw on the show. We never got our journey shown, unfortunately. I would have loved that.”

Kristen laughed as she admitted, “I feel like [we turned a corner] once I stopped being psycho crazy and trying to ruin your life. Then, I started dating Carter and I calmed down a lot more and went to therapy and all that and then it was like, ‘Oh. You guys really liked Carter.’ We were coming around gently. Then, time healed things and I stopped acting like a psychopath.”

Ariana added, “My way of knowing you was obviously not positive … That’s just how the nature of things were. So, I got to know you and I was like, ‘Ok. I fucking love her.'” Kristen continued to gush about Ariana. “She’s really fun and cool and awesome. And really smart and really fun to talk to. She likes to cuddle and watch movies and she has great taste in music. So, that was the evolution of our friendship.”

Bravo TV fans react to Ariana and Kristen’s friendship arc:

  • Honestly the best enemies to lovers story never shown.
  • If Kristen was still on the show, she would be attacking Sandoval everyday 😂
  • Kristen belittles herself all the time even though arianna stole her man😂
  • If Kristen can love Ariana I feel like the rest of us can move on from their past
  • I love the growth and friendship of these two 💛 also loved how she showed up for Ariana
  • Enemies to friends is my one of my favorite tropes
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Do you think Bravo missed the mark by not showing the evolution of Ariana and Kristen’s friendship?