Scheana Shay Accused Lisa Vanderpump Of Manipulating Her Into Tom Sandoval Friendship While Blaming Ariana Madix For Not Telling Her Who To Trust

scheana lvp emotional manipulation tom ariana

Scheana Shay accused LVP of emotionally manipulating her into being friends with Tom Sandoval. Additionally, Summer Moon’s mom blamed Ariana Madix for not telling her what to do with the information LVP gave her about her cheating ex.

Emotional manipulation:

The controversial Vanderpump Rules personality is using her Scheananigans podcast to work overtime in hopes to improve the public opinion’s of her. Sadly for Sheshu, I don’t think her plan is unfolding as hoped. After blaming Showrunner Alex Baskin and Jeremiah the producer for how the season ended, Scheana has chosen to throw the show’s namesake under the proverbial bus. “Lisa Vanderpump was like, ‘Essentially, he’s suicidal. If he does something, you have blood on your hands.’ That’s how I felt after that conversation.”

“In a way” I felt like LVP was trying to guilt-trip me into becoming friends with Tom again. “I think she knew the heartstrings of mine she could tug on.” That’s when Scheana attempted to emotionally manipulate her listeners. “Having her having lost a brother to suicide, having me lost someone close to suicide, that is something I take extremely seriously. And, in that moment, I was like, ‘I don’t like what you’ve done to Ariana, but I also don’t want to see you dead.'”

Ariana is to blame?!?!

“So, now I have to go tell Ariana this. In that moment, all I was asking was [for Ariana] as my best friend, tell me if I’m being played. By Lisa, by Tom, by anyone.” Basically, Scheana wanted Ariana to tell her if she thinks Tom “is suicidal.”

“Now, I’m being told this by Lisa and I don’t know what to do, so can you help?” Allegedly, Ariana responded, “Nope, nope, nope. Not doing that for you.” Scheana then reasoned that “I just have to figure it out for yourself. I have to do what helps ME sleep at night. That was me working to have some conversations with him to check in on his mental health. I’ve always done that for [Ariana] and I felt like Lisa told me in that moment that I needed to do that for him, too.”

Bravo TV fans react to Scheana claiming LVP manipulated her and how Ariana is to blame:

  • Blows my mind she thinks this is going to sway people to see her POV
  • Scheana has made this whole situation 1000x bigger than it ever needed to be. No one really cared that much and if Scheana would have stopped talking about it, no one would have said anything. She was and still is so desperate to keep any storyline with her going.
  • Scheana is talking herself out of a job.
  • Scheana: “Ariana I know you’re going through a lot right now. I also know he fooled you & played you for close to a year leading a double life and all…BUT can you please tell me if he’s capable of playing me too? I need you to stop focusing on yourself and focus on meeeeeeeee!”
  • Scheana is 100% that girl that keeps asking a clearly answered question over and over until she gets the answer she wants to hear. Ariana, among others, done said a billion times that man is not to be trusted.
  • She is an adult she should have figured it out.

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