Is Lisa Vanderpump Manipulating The Graham Narrative Like She Allegedly Did Lucy Lucy Apple Juice?

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Lisa Vanderpump is passionate about dogs … just not crazy about bitches.

Master manipulator?

An Instagram fan page supporting Rachel Leviss posted a collection of photos and videos in an attempt to make it appear LVP manipulated the Graham narrative for Vanderpump Rules as she *allegedly* did on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills with Lucy Lucy Apple Juice.

The IG account @rachellevissfans has barely over 300 followers (which I feel it’s safe to assume are the former beauty pageant contestant’s friends and family) did make a point which parallels the dog Rachel gave up to her former RHOBH co-star Dorit Kemsley‘s erstwhile pet.

In a nutshell:

Fans of Rachel [formerly Raquel] detailed how Tom Sandoval‘s former side piece made what she felt was the best decision for the mini golden doodle – leave the dog in a shelter rather than with Rachel’s former fiancé, James Kennedy.

During an episode the Rachel Goes Rogue podcast, the ‘Bambi-eyed bitch‘ explained that Graham’s microchip was scanned and the rescue staff reached out to Lisa about Graham being in their care.

Rachel’s fans alluded that Lisa wanted to get Rachel meet the VPR cast in Lake Tahoe to hash the Graham drama out on camera though she had only been out of mental health treatment for a week.

Ultimately …

Rachel and her fans want Bravoholics to believe LVP used Graham (now Hippie)’s rescue as a storyline for season 11 of VPR.

They believe the story of Graham getting dumped in a kill shelter was leaked by LVP in an effort to navigate the upcoming storyline on VPR making Rachel appear as a villain.

Is history repeating itself:

While many Bravo TV fans find Rachel to be an unreliable source, videos from Lisa’s time on RHOBH surfaced proving the Vanderpump Dogs owner may have a pattern of manipulation when it comes to people’s pets.

Rachel was clear that Graham had a history of biting and was in and out of rescues as a result of his aggressive nature.

The leak that Rachel believes Lisa Vanderpump is behind failed to include information of Graham’s alleged “aggressive” behavior.

Flash back to LVP’s time as a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills and the season based around Lucy Lucy Apple Juice, the dog Dorit allegedly didn’t protect from ending up in a kill shelter.

Rachel said Graham was never in a “kill shelter” as Kyle Richards and Dorit claim Lucy wasn’t either.

See for yourself:

@tof_r #RachelLeviss believes her situation with Graham 🐕 was manipulated by #LisaVanderpump for #vanderpumprules like she did (allegedly) with Lucy Lucy Apple Juice was on #realhousewivesofbeverlyhills. Does this theory hit for u? #scandoval #jameskennedy #tomsandoval #pumprules #bravotv #bravotvaddict #raquelleviss #bravotvjunkie ♬ original sound – Taste of Reality

Do you think LVP used Graham against Rachel in the same way she allegedly used Lucy Lucy Apple Juice against Dorit? Sound off below.