Teri Maloney Called Tom Schwartz Out For Blaming Production For Kissing Rachel Leviss

schwartz blames production teri maloney kiss

Teri Maloney exposed that Tom Schwartz blamed Vanderpump Rules production for kissing Rachel Leviss.

During an appearance of the I Take Bravo Very Seriously podcast, Katie Maloney‘s mom divulged the one instance in which she felt a need to talk to her daughter’s ex-husband about how his actions affected Katie.

What happened in Mexico didn’t stay in Mexico:

Before Schwartz stooped to blame production for being a turd, Teri detailed the time she involved herself in her daughter’s relationship. “That was the one time and the only time I did interfere. I asked [Katie] because it was the middle of the night and they were filming in Mexico. For my daughter to reach to me in the middle of the night, again. It was like, ‘Oh no!’ I’m getting one of those calls. ‘What’s wrong?'”

“I mean it she was so so terribly hurt. So upset. Because, at that time they were just barely going through a separation. They weren’t divorced. They had just barely parted from each other. I told Katie, I’ve never ever wanted to say anything to Tommy right now. I just need to have words with him. She pretty much gave me permission. Like I said, I’ve never come between either one of them, but I did. I reached out to him in the middle of the night and said, ‘What the hell?!'”

Instead of owning his actions, Schwartz blamed production for his choices.

Tom blamed the edit and Teri isn’t having it:

Schwartz blamed VPR production for kissing Rachel … who was Tom Sandoval‘s side piece at the time. “Basically, he blamed it on production. So, that was his reasoning for breaking the one rule.”

“I can’t speak for anything other than that’s what [Tommy] told me. But, in my experience with filming or being there when they’re filming, they’ve never told me what to say or made me do anything that I wasn’t comfortable with.” Teri noted, “This is just me speaking from my own observations and my own involvement, production has never made me do or anything or say anything.”

Listen to Teri (politely) drag Schwartz for blaming production for his actions:

What do you think about Teri calling out Schwartz for blaming production for kissing Rachel?

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