Scheana Shay Blames Production And Tom Sandoval For Her Meltdown Over Ariana Madix

scheana shay blames tom sandoval production over ariana meltdown

Scheana Shay blamed Vanderpump Rules production and Tom Sandoval for her meltdown over Ariana Madix at the season 11 finale party.

The blame game (Scheana’s Version):

During an episode of the Scheananigans podcast with Matt Rogers and Janet Caperna, Scheana named the producer that allegedly convinced her and Lala Kent to go off about the Broadway star. “Jeremiah said, ‘Let it all out. Whatever you want to say, go! Go for it.’ He was very frustrated [with Ariana] that day. To get walked out on, it was a slap in the face to everyone.”

Matt jumped in to “play devil’s advocate.” From what the comedian saw on the VPR11 finale, Ariana and Scheana “had the scene together. [Sandoval] walked over and she walked away from him. Like, that was a finale scene. [Ariana] walking out is one thing, but we had a full action-packed episode.”

Scheana sees things differently:

Summer Moon’s mom admitted she finally saw Ariana’s perspective. “Now, in hindsight and watching it back, I understand that that was your truth. In that moment, you were living your real authentic life and you were really not going to talk to him. For the rest of us, it felt like, ‘Fuck all of your jobs. Fuck making the end of this show. I’m going to do what I want to do because I set my boundary. Peace out.’ And then, for Tom to be like, ‘She talks shit about all of you. It was like, ‘What the fuck?'”

Calling the the Bravo TV personality out for getting played by Tom, Matt added, “Yeah. He really swept in on that opportunity, babe.” Scheana audibly gasped as the comedian continued, Sandoval “really saw what happened and he said, ‘This is my chance.'”

Alligator tears:

Scheana explained, “People can get in my head very easily. To hear that about I’ve cared about for so long…” Scheana began to cry, “Maybe [Ariana] doesn’t feel that way about me.”

After Matt and Janet told Scheana that it never appeared Ariana had ill intent towards Scheana, Scheana agreed, “I don’t think she hates me. [Tom] didn’t say that. He just said, ‘She doesn’t like any of you, fuckers.’ Maybe that was more directed at Lala, but where things have been in this group that Tom Sandoval shattered will never be the same. I look at everyone differently and I don’t trust anyone completely. It’s really sad.”


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Do you believe that both Sandoval and ‘Jeremiah’ from production were to blame for the way season 11 ended?