Scheana Shay Explains How Jax Taylor Met Paige Woolen

jax taylor met paige woolen dad thomas contest

Scheana Shay spilled the tea on how Jax Taylor and Paige Woolen met. This was not the origin story I was expecting, as The Valley star and the OnlyFans model were introduced by Paige’s dad, Thomas Woolen.

Jax met Paige through her dad:

During a recent episode of the Scheananigans podcast, the Vanderpump Rules personality  explained that that Paige is not in the friend group. “Apparently, Paige’s dad won a round of golf at some charity event to play a round of golf with Jax. Then, he was like, ‘Oh, you should meet my daughter.’ It was interesting.”

Bravo TV fans react:

  • Scheana trying to ride the Jax drama just like she did with scandoval lol and in 3 months Britney should be over it
  • Imagine being brittany and having everyone tell you I told you so and everyone being right
  • Paige wants to get on the show!!
  • Justice for Brittany
  • If Jax pulls publicity stunt I’m not watching anymore 😒
  • He is definitely engaging. He could never ever turn a check lol 😂
  • Why can’t he just be honest?
  • Why aren’t we talking about the creepiness of Paige’s dad facilitating this?!

In case you missed it:

Scheana inserting herself into her friend’s drama for a paycheck (again) came on the heels of Jax vowing he is not dating Paige. The owner of Jax’s Studio City assured his followers that he’s not stepping out on Brittany Cartwright. “I am not dating anyone. I wish you all knew the full story of this situation… It’s not what you think.”
Unfortunately for his wife/baby mama, Jax saying he’s ‘not dating Paige’ is code for Jax admitting he’s sleeping with her, but I digress.

What’s your opinion of Scheana involving herself in the Jax and Paige’s situationship? Do you believe her story of how they met? Drop your opinion off in the comments.