The Valley’s Jax Taylor Claims He Is Not Dating Paige Woolen

jax taylor not dating paige woolen the valley

Jax Taylor wants the world to know, he is not dating Paige Woolen. The star of The Valley took to his Instagram story to share that he’s remained faithful to his estranged wife, Brittany Cartwright despite being seen out and about with the OnlyFans model.

Deny, deny, deny:

The terminated Vanderpump Rules star assured his followers that he’s not stepping out on his baby mama. “I am not dating anyone. I wish you all knew the full story of this situation… It’s not what you think.”

Bravo TV fans react:

  • I did not have sexual relations with that woman. lol Gives me that statement vibes.
  • If it swims like a duck
  • Well you better include your wife c she’s putting out a lot of pics n texts!!😂😂P.S I’m on your side!!
  • You’re a dad Jax, act like it 🙄
  • He’s baiting us for a storyline 😂😂😂😂😂 “I wish you knew the full story…….”🙄🥴
  • This man needs a therapist and Brittney needs a good lawyer.
  • Needs to focus on his child not be one
  • Liar LIAR. His 3rd nose is growing with all the Lies


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In case you missed it:

Jax and Paige were seen three times in two days over the weekend. They were first spotted at a Sherman Oaks karaoke bar. The following day, the bar owner and the adult entertainer enjoyed a three-hour lunch together. That night, Jax hosted his lady friend at his Studio City sports bar, Jax’s, where the busty brunette announced, “I’m pregnant.”

After the BravoSphere lost their shit at how insensitive Paige’s comment was to Brittany (who was vocal about wanting another child with her husband), Jax did damage control.

Jax vowed to keep Paige away from Jax’s Studio City out of respect for his estranged wife, Brittany Cartwright. A patron from Jax’s bar slid into Instagram creator @GlorifiedGossipGurl‘s DMs to give ‘boots on the ground’ insight into Jax, Brittany, and his potential paramour’s complicated relationship.

The tipster wrote, “Went to Jax’s tonight. I asked, ‘Where’s Paige?’ He said, ‘Out of respect for Brittany,’ he wouldn’t bring Paige to his bar again. But, he then said that he looks like an ass now and he went out with her for ‘a reason’ and that we will see eventually.”

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