Nick Viall Slams Lala Kent Over Criticizing The Legitimacy Of Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce’s Relationship

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Lala Kent dragged Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce into self-induced press tour and Nick Viall isn’t having it. The former Bachelor took to his podcast, The Viall Files, to slam the outspoken Vanderpump Rules star for spreading rumors about the power couple. Nick reminded his listeners how Lala has incessantly targeted his co-stars, Ariana Madix and Katie Maloney, publicly since filming the season 11 VPR reunion and seems – more than ever – desperate for publicity. 

Lala “is going after Taylor,” began Nick. “She’s in her ‘soft era,’ but also going after Taylor. For those of you who don’t know, Lala basically said that she’s heard from ‘multiple sources’ that Taylor and Travis’s relationship is for PR. That’s what Lala Kent has claimed.”

Nick noted that saying a relationship is for a public relations stunt is “a rather strong accusation to make.” Lala “did use the word ‘allegedly,’ to cover her ass. She was worried about being sued by Taylor. That wouldn’t be my biggest concern if I were Lala. It would be activating the Swifties who don’t care if you say ‘allegedly.’”

“Why would Taylor Swift do this? She’s bored alone and she’s like, ‘You know who I wanna help right now? The NFL.” Nick had his mic drop moment when he out-sourced Lala. “But, I can say from a source – I don’t know who Lala’s sources are – but my source is watching the Super Bowl with Taylor Swift and it’s a very real relationship.”

Bravo TV fans and Swifties react

  • This is where I draw the line. Lala’s entire career was built cause she dated Randal so what could she possibly have to say about our mother
  • Like Taylor Swift gives a F about what Lala Kent has to say about her. 🤣
  • Lauren “Lala” is reaching to stay relevant. 🙄
  • A PR expert said both real and PR stunt could be true. It could have started as a PR relationship that was mutually beneficial and turned into more. I think if it was JUST PR it would have ended by now. And this is coming from a non Taylor fan who was sick to death of all the Taylor Travis coverage every other news story.
  • Is Lauren from Utah secret friends with Kim K.. Oh sorry Aimee. 😂😂😂
  • Bitter spice! Table for one!

Lala’s ‘soft side’ post-reunion (Ariana’s Version)

In case you missed it, rumors circulated that Ariana and Lala’s friendship ended after a blowout fight while filming the reunion. @TheBravoBabe posted, “Rumor is that Ariana eviscerated Lala at the end of the reunion. Like friendship over type of situation.”

Bravo & Cocktails posted an allegation regarding the reunion. “I heard the VPR reunion was boring as fuck till the end, and then…”

“Ariana went OFF on Lala.” It was a “Verbal blowout” that was so bad it appears their “Friendship [is] over. And Tom [Sandoval] and Ariana, of course, went it at, obviously. But [it was a] full on war of words with Ariana and Lala!”

During an interview on The Talk,  Lala recounted a social media post she read. “I think the exact tweet was ‘Ariana eviscerated Lala at the reunion and it was friendship ruining.’” Lala confirmed, “One of those things is true” before teasing, “I’ll let you all decide.”

Lala’s ‘soft side’ post-reunion (Katie’s Version)

During a guest appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Katie was asked “what exactly happened” with Lala after the season 10 VPR reunion that caused their falling out.

“That’s a good question. I’m not entirely sure exactly what she’s talking about, per se.” Katie continued, “Lala and I do have the same fighting styles. A year and a half ago we did have a falling out” around the time they filmed WWHL.

Katie thought the issue with Lala had been resolved, as she didn’t feel there was anything still wrong. “So, I don’t know exactly what she’s talking about.”

Lala didn’t like Katie’s response. She is “suffering from amnesia it seems,” began Lala. “A LOT these days!” Mocking her frenemy, Lala continued, “I just can’t remember anything. What?!?!”

Deadpanning, Lala added, “I cannot. I can’t” with Katie acting like she doesn’t know what happened.

“I tend to forget when I feel stupid, too,” continued the outspoken VPR personality. “I just don’t appreciate when people ‘forget.’ Then, I get frustrated and I cry – a frustration cry.”

“And I don’t usually like to drag people when I look like this. I usually like to have my hair and my cat eye on, bit it’s ok,” concluded a pregnant Lala

What do you think about Lala and Nick’s differing opinions of Tayvis being a PR stunt?