Carl Radke Living With Pregnant Lindsay Hubbard On Summer House Is Not Her “Problem Anymore”

lindsay hubbard pregnant carl radke not problem

Lindsay Hubbard is wiping her hands clean of Carl Radke while filming season 9 of Summer House. In an interview with People, the public relations specialist/influencer explained she isn’t concerned with how her former fiancé reacts to her pregnancy.

Up and onward:

“I’m sure he’ll find out when the rest of the world finds out,” began Lindsay. “But, I’m not calling him up and having a conversation with him. That relationship is in my past, and I can’t really focus on my past anymore because I’m so focused on my present and my future. And to be honest, his emotions are no longer my responsibility. It’s just not my problem anymore.”

Bravo TV fans react:

  • She doesn’t owe Carl anything.
  • I’m sure Carl will be just fine. I don’t think he’s stuck in Lindsay land.
  • Don’t always agree with her but she’s 100% right here…
  • Carl should maybe care more about his ill fitting veneers//career//commitment issues
  • I mean….. she kinda ate that up. She has a child on the way, how a grown man, regardless of what their past is, reacts to things is no longer her responsibility to have to deal with.

The pregnancy:

“I’ve been very lucky and blessed that the pregnancy has been fairly easy,” boasted Lindsay. “I’ve had no morning sickness, no nausea. If anything, it’s been the opposite because my pregnancy hunger is insatiable. But it’s been a really, really easy.”

Lindsay and her unnamed boyfriend plan to keep another secret … for a while. “We’re not telling anyone what we’re having yet, but the second we found out we were like, ‘Okay, let’s talk about names.’ We already have one in mind, but we’ll see if it sticks as the months go on. I’m just excited to actually be able to talk about it publicly now and share in the celebration with our friends. I’m a very ‘scream from the rooftops’ kind of girl. I’m just ready to let it all out now.”


Summer House season 9 has already began filming. Here’s a little BTS content for you!

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Drop your predictions for how a pregnant Lindsay living with her former fiancé in a shared house all summer will play out below.