Andy Cohen Defended His Hosting Of The Summer House Reunion “I Was Tough On Carl”

andy cohen summer house reunion

Andy Cohen discussed his controversial performance as host of the Summer House reunion. Specifically, how he went hard Lindsay Hubbard yet treated Carl Radke and Kyle Cooke with kid gloves.

Andy read emails with negative feedback on his hosting of the season 8 reunion to his Radio Andy listeners. “To start the Summer House being gleeful the end of [Carl and Lindsay’s] engagement was so disrespectful to them both,” began a disgruntled Bravoholic.

The above mentioned disgrunted Bravoholic must have gone to the Teresa Giudice school of analogies. Prepare to cringe … They wrote, “If Mercedes Javid’s mom passed, would you ever say I think we can all agree it’s a great thing that Vida is not here because she is so abusive to MJ.” Andy shut that shit down.

“No. I would never be gleeful about someone’s death. Second of all, they shouldn’t have been together. And, I was gleeful. Watching them fight for 15 episodes … by the way, Lindsay is now happy in love with a new man. Then,” Andy continued to read, “to let Kyle talk over her and involve himself so obnoxiously in the conversation you tried to initiate between you and Carl.”

Andy thought he got the job done, but admitted Bravoholics would have gotten a better picture if the reunion had a third part. “I was tough on Carl, I have to say. Maybe that didn’t come across. He double talked Lindsay all season, too. He mixed messaged her. I thought we talked about that a lot.”

Bravo TV fans react:

  • He was not hard on Carl at all and didn’t address Kyle calling his wife a bitch once
  • He was not rough on Carl one bit, he was leading the gang up on Lindsey
  • Allowing Kyle to speak over Lindsay repeatedly was the WORST 😖
  • Whhhhhhat?! Tough on Carl?!?!!! Andy, I love you, but I call straight up BULLSHIT! You were not tough on Carl and you danced around the question! Of course you say it should’ve been 3 parts, that covers your ass! Andy & the entire cast ganged up on Lindsey & did the “soft touch” with precious Carl! 🙄😤😒
  • Not him playing the “they didn’t air it” card when he’s literally the boss 😂
  • He always defends himself instead of taking a constructive look at what the majority of the fans say.

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