Lindsay Hubbard Outed Carl Radke For Using Magic Mushrooms While Claiming Sobriety

lindsay hubbard magic mushrooms carl radke summer house reunion

In the extended season 8 Summer House reunion episode on Peacock, Lindsay Hubbard called out her former fiancé, Carl Radke, for using magic mushrooms at a music festival while claiming he’s sober.  

Cali sober life?

“I have a lot of questions about what is considered sober and what is considered not,” began Lindsay. “Is weed in the clear of being considered sobriety? A week before filming, Carl was on mushrooms at a music festival.”

The silence was deafening. With tension that could be cut with a knife, cameras cut to Gabby Prescod whose head fell into her hands. West Wilson served face as his judgement was palatable. After getting roasted for his mistreatment of Ciara Miller by the cast, West found himself out of the hot seat. If looks could kill, Lindsay would have been offed by Amanda.

With his tail between his legs, Carl admitted,  “We took a small microdose together. We actually looked at each other and said, ‘We’re not doing this again.'” Lindsay interjected to add, ‘But, I don’t claim to be sober.”

Bravo TV fans react:

  • the fact that they cut this clip tells me everything I need to know about production
  • Oh Carl
  • First, Carl isn’t sober. Second, Lindsay is hot tr@sh for saying that on tv. Third, are mushrooms considered Cali sober?
  • He must have been on mushrooms when he thought a sober sports bar would be profitable
  • Weaponizing someone’s sobriety is deadly they could feel like why try relapse and overdose
  • I think the fact that weed and mushrooms are part of Carl’s sobriety but it’s a secret is very telling
  • I don’t understand the distain for her telling the truth when he’s been lying and trying to make himself look better through all of this by USING AND WEAPONIZING HIS SOBRIETY AGAINST HER
  • Lindsey will never take accountability for anything that doesn’t go her way.


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