Lala Kent Questions How Long The ‘Hawk Tuah Girl’ Will Remain Relevant

lala kent hawk tua girl vpr reality show

Lala Kent wonders if the ‘Hawk Tuah Girl’ has staying power. The controversial Vanderpump Rules personality took to her podcast to talk about the internet sensation who found fame for creating an onomatopoeia to describe the sound of oral sex.

The VPR star explained “I just think that if you have a very quick moment that’s not long lasting … I just don’t see who’s going to listen to your podcast for months – let alone years – on end to make this thing worth it.” The expectant mother threw out the idea of a “reality show” for the viral superstar. Lala wondered if the Hawk Tua Girl (aka Hailey Welch) has a “great personality” that would work on television.

Lala’s co-host/’yes’ woman chimed in defending Hailey’s sparkling personality. “She’s funny; she has the southern accent [and] great comedic timing.” The Hawk Tua Girl “isn’t afraid to say the wild shit. If you get the right personality, done. For her, if she had a viral moment but was boring, I’d be like, ‘Collect your check and leave. Do OnlyFans.’ I see her going places. She’s funny.”

Ocean’s mom spoke directly to her podcast listeners. “You guys. All you have to do is talk about hawk tua‘ing. I have a funny family and an accent. YOU’VE GOT A PODCAST, A BIG AGENCY. YOU’RE GOING TO BE RICH.”

Bravo TV fans react:

  • She is both the kettle and the pot
  • I just want to see Lala celebrate the people she likes and not tear down the others. Her podcast is just shit talking these days and it’s honestly hard to listen to.
  • I wonder if Lupac spends most of her days cleaning those windows in her glass house she lives in? She started out bragging about giving bjs for Range Rovers and constantly talking about sex with her married boyfriend Randall for seasons on VPR
  • I don’t like that Lala thinks only celebrities/influencers can have a podcast. You just have to be worth listening to, and I don’t think you need to be famous or have relevancy for that. 😂
  • Lala’s ratings are declining, so get ready for some wild and outrageous statements from her to boost viewership.🤦🏻‍♀️

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