Jeremy Madix Slams Ariana Madix Fans “Headlines Are Not FACTS”

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Jeremy Madix flexed his vocabulary muscles in an Instagram story requesting Vanderpump Rules fans stop slamming him in support of his sister, Ariana Madix. In case you missed it, Jeremy claims he hasn’t “heard from her in months” and had Scheana Shay involved in his engagement rather than Ariana.

(Maybe that’s why Ariana wasn’t at Scheana’s drag brunch birthday party at Queen LV.)

Jeremy’s lengthy message (SAT Prep Version):

The SUR busser began, “What I cannot fathom is the audacity of those who weave a web of falsehoods in defense of someone they claim to support. It’s disheartening to witness individuals propagate baseless rumors and misinformation about me, all in a misguided attempt to champion my sister whom they DO NOT KNOW nor truly understand.”

“Let us not be swayed by the allure of sensationalism or the temptation to vilify others without cause.” He continued, “Instead, let us embrace, empathy and rationality, recognizing that the truth is not a matter of convenience, but a pursuit worth striving for.”

Jeremy concluded, “So, to those who seek to defend my sister at the expensive my reputation, I implore you to pause, reflect, and consider the consequences of your words. In the realm of social justice and progressive ideals, let us uphold the principles of integrity and accountability, lest we succumb to the very injustice we claim to abhor.”

Switching from sounding like a disgruntled politician to a SUR staffer, Jeremy added, “Ps. Headlines are not FACTS.”

Bravo TV fans react:

  • Was he playing scrabble to make sure all the big words were used? Lmao
  • Someone used AI this morning
  • 🖕🏽🖕🏽 I think Jeremy should take his own (publicists) advice. Ariana has not spoken one negative word about him, but he hasn’t stopped running his mouth.
  • Did he use a thesaurus? He is the one who made a headline by doing an interview and airing it out
  • Remember how @stassischroeder said he was creeping on every girl at @musickillskate wedding? Yeah, I believe her. I like how he’s pretending to be a social justice warrior from the 1700s in order to slander his sister. He needs to sit down.


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What are your thoughts on Jeremy’s verbose soliloquy about his current status with his sister.