Jeremy Madix Wants To Talk To Tom Sandoval After He Cheated On His Sister Ariana Madix

Jeremy Ariana Madix Sandoval

Is Vanderpump Rules‘s Jeremy Madix going to take Sandoval’s side instead of Ariana’s post-Scandoval?

During a recent interview, Jeremy Madix was asked about his recent run-in with Tom Sandoval, the man who cheated on his sister, Ariana Madix, with her ‘friend,’ Rachel Leviss.

“I need to talk to Tom,” began the the SUR busser before bringing u his sister who is staring as Roxie Hart in Broadway’s Chicago.

“I’d would love to talk to my sister. But, I haven’t heard from her in months,” continued Jeremy.

“We’ll just keep on keeping on, dude. We’ll deal with the punches as they come in. For now, I’ll plead the fifth. You may or may not have seen” Tom and me together.

Jeremy’s loyalty to his sister will expire:

“Depending on how long it takes for me to hear from my sister will determine whether I stick so that stance or not.”

“Obviously me and [Sandoval] need to have a conversation. There’s a lot of things that are left on that I never got to say.”

“People need to realize I lived with both of them for a long time [as seen on VPR] so it affected me, too. Yeah, I lost a friend. I lost someone that was a mutual relationship of love.”

Bravo TV fans to Jeremy’s saga over Ariana and Sandoval:

  • Remember when Stassi and Kristen said he was creepy
  • Anyone sympathizing, or empathizing with Tom Sandoval, and going against Ariana needs a shrink
  • You know, not everything that comes out of Ariana’s mouth is true. Just because you like her doesn’t make her right about everything
  • Not him threatening his sister…
  • That’s some low down dirty shit to talk shit on your sister publicly.
  • Men in Ariana’s life 🤝 being disappointing
  • This truly shows HIS character. She has always had his back. It’s time for all of the “men” of this series to grow the F up!
  • Jeremy taking Sandoval’s side over Ariana is wild

Listen to Jeremy discuss where his loyalty lies here:

What’s your opinion of Jeremy airing his, Ariana, and Tom’s dirty laundry?