Jeff Lewis Says Danielle Cabral’s Boujie Kidz Brand Is For “White Trash” Kids

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Jeff Lewis slammed Danielle Cabral‘s Boujie Kidz brand during a conversation he had with Melissa Gorga during an episode of the Jeff Lewis Has Issues podcast.

The former Flipping Out star began, “I didn’t know what to expect. After watching Real Housewives of New Jersey season 14 – the Boujie Kidz … Do we have a throw up sound effect? Awful.”

Melissa chimed in to defend Danielle. “I thought they were cute. The kids were cute.” Jeff disregarded Melissa to continue his critique of the children’s clothing company. “I would never dress my kid in that. Never. No. They would turn her [Monroe] away at the gates of her school.”

A man who appeared with Melissa on the podcast who was also at the Boujie Kidz fashion show added, “It was cute – you and Danielle. I loved how you supported her. Danielle was so genuinely, authentically so proud.  She was sweet.”

Jeff rambled, “For all those little white trash kids that need clothes, just go right on in” to Boujie Kidz. Melissa’s friend noted that Danielle would “probably take your feedback.”

“Will you be selling Boujie Kidz at Envy,” asked Jeff shadily. Stoically, Melissa replied, “I don’t sell kids clothes.” Her friend joked, “that’s a great excuse.” Jeff remarked, “You don’t [sell kids clothes] purposely so you don’t have to” sell Boujie Kidz. “No!,” shrieked Melissa. Her friend playfully shaded her. “Whenever Danielle comes over, she puts all the kids clothes in the back. ‘Sorry, It’s not an option, Danielle.'”

Bravo TV fans react:

  • He better hope he doesn’t run into her 😂. Forget about her husband Danielle would bodyslam him
  • Jeff is so funny. But her daughter looked so cute.
  • True. Nothing you can’t get at Walmart marked down. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Oh boy jeff never holds back😬
  • Why are you destroying someone’s brand
  • Nasty but true. 🙃

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