Are The Sexual Innuendos Between CBB’s Shanna Moakler And Lamar Odom Too Much For Shanna’s Boyfriend Matthew Rondeau?

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The live feeds from season 3 of Celebrity Big Brother are so juicy, there may be off-screen consequences for one of its sizzling stars.

Former Miss USA, Playboy Playmate of the Month, and reality tv pioneer Shanna Moakler‘s flirting with NBA icon, Lamar Odom, may have gone too far for Shanna’s boyfriend, Matthew Rondeau. (In case you missed it, TMZ cameras caught Matthew shopping for an engagement ring at Tiffany & Co. earlier this week.)

Trouble back home:

While Shanna and Lamar share a house, fully stocked with audio/visual devices documenting them 24/7, Shanna’s on-and-off boyfriend since 2020 is contemplating if he should pop the question to the blonde beauty.

A source spilled to TMZ, Matthew “is NOT happy with the subtle sexual innuendos flying back and forth between his girl and Lamar inside the ‘CBB‘ house.”

“We’re told Matthew’s been watching the live feeds, plus the reality show, ever since Shanna entered the house … and he’s picked up some troublesome behavior between the two.”