Find Out Why Chef Penny Davidi Thinks She’s A Partner In Ariana Madix And Katie Maloney’s Sandwich Shop

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Chef Penny Davidi‘s gloves came off when asked about her current role in Ariana Madix and Katie Maloney‘s highly anticipated Something About Her sandwich shop. In an interview with the U.S. Sun, Penny discussed why she believes she’s a partner in the Vanderpump Rules‘s stars’ first food venture.

“Once they agree on email that they agree to my terms and that I should proceed with the work, the intent by California law, I’m a partner,” explained Chef Penny. “I own 10% of that business – Ten percent of the entire brand and of the gross. I wasn’t going to go do auditing on anybody, [but] 10% of every time they took money out of the business, I would take money out of the business.”

Although the Food Network star didn’t sign a contract with Ariana and Katie, Penny “has email proof and text messages proving she was – and still is – a partner. There’s an intent I sent them [and] they’re like, ‘Okay, just email us everything you want and we’ll run it by our attorneys.’ So I have the email. I sent them everything that I wanted, which was a monthly fee, and then the percentage of the entire Something About Her brand, not of one store.”

Penny clarified why she never signed a contract with Katie and Ariana. 1) it took “months to get the first draft” from the girls’ lawyer and 2) “the contract was not what they had agreed on.” She elaborated, “We get the first draft, and there’s so much bullshit in there that I was like, ‘Wait a second, this is not what we agreed on.'”

“They were like, ‘Oh, we’ll give you 10% of profits vested over three years.'” Also, Penny wouldn’t be able to receive the 10% until three years have passed. Another “unreasonable clause” she didn’t agree to was Ariana and Katie having the ability to “terminate the contract at any time with no cause.” Penny said she would, essentially, “lose all her interest earned immediately.”

What’s your opinion of Chef Penny’s involvement in Ariana and Katie’s restaurant?