VPR's Katie Maloney Claps Back At Tom Sandoval For His Treatment Of Tom Schwartz

Katie states she is, “Not going to sit idly by and let this whole ‘protocol’ thing be an actual thing."

January 29, 2020 2:39pm

Vanderpump Rules star, Katie Maloney-Schwartz, claps back at Tom Sandoval for his treatment of his business partner, Tom Schwartz. The TomTom wife is NOT happy with how Sandoval has thrown her husband under the proverbial bus on the last couple VPR episodes.

Katie took to Twitter to express where she stands with Sandoval and his suitcase full of excuses regarding Stassi Schroeder‘s book signing saga.

Katie didn’t stop there. An hour later she tweeted…

Katie’s clap back was only encouraged by her followers, who supported her for calling her husband’s business partner out for his lack of professionalism.

The tension at TomTom has not been sitting well with the cast members or Bravoholics. Sandoval’s girlfriend, Ariana Madix, was on Watch What Happens Live! after this week’s VPR. The caller questioned why Sandoval acts like he’s “more essential to the success of Tom Tom than Schwartz is.”

Ariana’s response has me shooketh. “I don’t know that he acts that way,” Ariana replied. “I think that they just fill different roles there.” Take that as you will.

Do you think Katie is being a good wife by defending her man, or do you think she should stay out of it? Drop your opinion off in the comments!

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