Summer House’s Amanda Batula Calls Deux Moi Blind Item Of Kyle Cooke Cheating “Convenient”

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Summer House star, Amanda Batula, responded to DeuxMoi‘s blind item that inferred her husband, Kyle Cooke, was unfaithful to her.

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen brought up the elephant in the room – Kyle’s alleged infidelity … again.

Although Amanda admitted to Andy that she believes the submission was “clearly about Kyle” as she’s the only “wife” in the cast, she added that she calls Kyle “Cookie Monster” just like the anonymous post stated.

Noting she laughed at the timing of the Deux Moi post, Amanda called the submission “convenient … given what was going on at the time on the show” … [Kyle and Carl Radke‘s troubled professional relationship which prompted Carl to leave Loverboy].

Kyle, who was an audience member while his wife was joined by Bachelor Nation‘s Rachel Lindsay, joined the conversation accusing the submitter of sleeping “on that tea for eight months and then you send it into DeuxMoi? Come on.”

Do you think Carl (or his fiancé, Lindsay Hubbard) were behind the Deux Moi blind item as Kyle insinuated? Sound off below.