Vanderpump Rules Reunion Recap – Part Two

Part two of the Vanderpump Rules Reunion picked up right where we left off last week – Lala Kent questioning Katie Maloney’s “authenticity” throughout the season.


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In case you missed it: Lala revealed during part one that Katie confessed her true feelings about her business partner leaving for Broadway. With setback after setback for Something About Her, Katie’s feelings of abandonment are valid. The timing of Ariana leaving to play “Roxie” wasn’t ideal.

Katie told Lala that directing her “imposter syndrome” to Ariana would fall flat as she’s packing for the Big Apple. Katie says the reason she didn’t bring it up during the show was because she and Ariana had worked through it.

From a business perspective, what sense would that make for her to battle with Ariana over this?

In the same package, Lala accuses certain cast members of “living in the comment section” on social media. Which is quite ironic considering Lala constantly changes her tune during her Amazon Lives. One week she hates the audience and the other she is thanking them for watching.

Which one is it?

On to the next topic, let’s give it up to the wonderful editors who incorporated all the Vanderpump Rules nostalgia from yesteryear. Seeing the callback to the iconic moments does something for the VPR historians. It also doesn’t help the “ending” narrative but hey, I enjoyed them, nonetheless.

Scheana and Schwartz’s Vegas Hook Up

I agree with Andy on being amazed at how this was just now brought up all these years later. This cast can not hold water, and the fact Schwartz “made out” with Scheana in Vegas and it never got out is quite impressive.

Annoyingly though, Scheana adds this infraction to the arsenal of men who have hit on her from the cast.

(Not to be confused with John Mayer who has denied Scheana’s claims that they hooked up. However, this didn’t stop Scheana from bringing him up later in the episode.)

We get a half-baked apology from Schwartz to Katie for being a “sloppy fool” throughout his marriage. Understatement of the century.

Even after apologizing, Schwartz directed his energy to attempt to highlight the hypocrisy in Katie’s hookups with his bestie Max Boyens. You could argue that Katie didn’t take her own advice, but after Tom kissed Rachel Leviss, and his weird relationship with Jo, I don’t blame her.

Lest we also not forget Tom repeatedly cheated on her throughout their marriage. So again, sit this one out Schwartzy.

Lala’s Inflated Mother Ego

Andy questioned Lala on her seeming double standard toward Ariana’s boundaries with Sandoval, versus her boundaries with ex, Randall Emmett.

From Lala’s perspective, there is one main difference and that is one Ocean Kent. Lala says the fact that she has a child, a horrible custody battle, and dealing with other alleged allegations towards Rand, Lala thinks her line in the sand is justified.

However, since Ariana still lived in the shared home with Sandoval, and “moved on 10 days later”; she shouldn’t take umbrage with the cast opting to still film with Sandoval.

Lala says she didn’t understand Ariana’s boundaries, which is why she contested them. Ariana clapped back that she didn’t often understand Lala’s situation, but still respected her enough to not cross them.

Ariana’s Dancing with the Stars Slight

Scheana Marie still maintains she was hurt that she wasn’t made aware of Ariana competing on the show. This was especially hurtful to her since Ariana was aware at Scheana’s desire to compete for the Mirror Ball Trophy.

Ariana shared that initially she did confide in a few people – Lisa Vanderpump, her friend Logan, and boyfriend, Dan. Because information was leaked, she didn’t trust to share it with more people.

When Scheana pushed back on her not trusting her, Ariana replied, “I didn’t trust people wouldn’t overhear you discussing it.”

What a very friendly way of saying, “HELL NO.”

Jo my Gosh

Ally Lewber and Jo Wenberg came out to join the cast and this is when my annoyance meter went sky high.

Lala inquired how Tom Schwartz and Jo came to be, and the question was never quite answered. We know that Kristen Doute brought Jo into the group many (Summer) moons ago, but it’s still unclear how Jo went from being Kristen’s friend, to Schwartz’s situationship.

The girls did, however, rally around Jo regarding her perception of her relationship with Schwartz. Schwartz maintains that he was upfront with Jo on not wanting a relationship. Yet, he still filled her head with sweet nothings, niceties, and all the love bombings. This level of back and forth should be reserved with Wimbledon, not the VPR reunion.

Jo couldn’t sit still long enough to digest or even hear that the girl she wanted to take down (Katie) was having her back against Schwartz’s “f boy” ways. Instead, she kept over talking her, and shedding crocodile tears.

Jo said he never publicly claimed her, but had no qualms about posting his new girlfriend, Sophia. Schwartz went on to not read the room and speak to how gorgeous and great his new relationship is. For additional context, Jo is to his left crying over him not claiming her, and his ex-wife is sitting across from him. Odd.

James of it All

Toward the end of the reunion, the drama kicks back up. Before the cliffhanger, James reveals he’s remained sober for nearly a year. Go James! (Although Ally did give him the ultimatum that if he drinks again, she will leave him.)

The season 10 reunion James veered its head when the topic of Ariana and Sandoval’s dog Mya was brought up.

James called out Sandoval’s hypocrisy after campaigning for Rachel to take Graham (later renamed to Hippie) from James.

As we know, Rachel did inevitably rehome Graham, citing behavioral issues exacerbated by James Kennedy.

In conclusion

The reunion wasn’t exactly a snooze fest. There were some intense moments, but next week appears to be the climax teased in the trailer.

The cast will watch the latter bit of the VPR finale that features Lala popping off about Ariana, and Sandoval’s hot mic moment reveling in the tide changing for Ariana.

As we know, Ariana did not watch the season in preparation for the reunion, so at this time, she does not know how her castmates have spoken about her in their confessionals.

What did you think of part 2? Comment below!