James Kennedy Slammed “Idiot” Brock Davies For Defending Tom Sandoval

james kennedy scandoval brock vpr comparison

James Kennedy read Brock Davies for filth during the Vanderpump Rules After Show. DJ James explained his frustration with people comparing his tryst with Kristen Doute to Scandoval. “I haven’t really fucked anybody over in this group.” In regards to James having sex with Kristen (while she was dating Tom Sandoval), he reminded the audience he had only known Tom “for about six months” when he banged his girlfriend.

Brock ‘plays’ dumb:

The Pump Rules plus one really tried something here. After Brock acted like he didn’t know Kristen and James used to date, Scheana Shay‘s “payroll husband” twisted the conversation to Ariana Madix. “I didn’t know Ariana was the second fiddle to Kristen with Tom.”

James immediately shut Brock’s Ariana slander down. “I’m not here for that. I think that’s fucked up. I think [Brock] is having a memory loss right now.” Trying to keep it moving, James told Brock “I’ll excuse it.” That’s when Brock went there (again) … He brought up James and Kristen hooking up behind Tom’s back” (which he allegedly had just learned of 15 seconds beforehand).

James clapped back, “Stop being an idiot. My point is … I knew Tom six months. Flash forward – he’s saying [his affair with Rachel Leviss] is the same.” The Coachella DJ reminded Brock of Sandoval’s attitude post-Scandoval. “Why am I getting in trouble? Why am I getting ridiculed so much by the whole world when everyone in the group has done the same thing.”

Louder for the guy in back:

James put the scenario simply for Summer Moon’s dad. What Tom claimed is “Untrue. Not everyone in the group has done the same thing to the level he did it. This is a decade of relationships and months and months of lying, conspiracy, and fucking making fake fucking plans up to your friends.” Speaking directly to Brock, he added, “Lying to your wife. Lying to everybody.” Tom is responsible for “Changing everyone’s dynamic. He did that. And, not taking any responsibility for it.”

Brock, knowing he got dragged, claimed, “I get that.” James was in the zone, so there was no stopping him. Putting the timeline into perspective to Brock, “Then there’s me, who’s a bus boy at 21-years-old at SUR.” Clearly heated, James said, “That what?! That what?! I dare someone to fucking say it again. This is bullshit. Tom’s a fucking idiot.”

That, my friends, is how you shut shit down.

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