“Breadwinner” Scheana Shay Responds To Brock Davies Divorce And Bankruptcy Rumors

brock scheana divorce bankruptcy jeff lewis

Scheana Shay explained her financial situation with Brock Davies to Jeff Lewis

On an episode of Jeff Lewis Live, the Vanderpump Rules OG clarified why her husband signed over sole ownership of their family home to her.

Scheana on her and Brock’s finances:

Brock “signed an interspousal something-or-another,” explained Scheana before she confirmed her funds were used to purchase their new Sherman Oaks home.

“It’s our family home, but I’m the one who put the down payment on it. It is in my name, yes.”

“Yes,” I am the “breadwinner” of the family, answered Summer Moon‘s mom.

“I’ve seen bankruptcy. I’ve seen divorce” alleged in the headlines about me and Brock.

In reality, “I put the down payment down and he was like, ‘The next property that WE buy together, both of our names will be on.'”

“But for now, I’m the breadwinner and he respects that.”

“He’s the one who is doing all of the work over there right now. I’m not doing shit. I’m just paying the mortgage.”

Scheana feels financially secure with Brock:

“We have a prenup,” revealed Scheana to Jeff Lewis’ audience.

Brock “knew what happened to me in my first marriage, so when we got married, he didn’t even question anything.”

He assured Scheana, “I will sign whatever you need to [to feel most safe.]”

Fans react to Scheana and Brock’s financial situation:

  • Don’t see the issue. Just makes me respect Brock even more. Sandoval can learn from him what it is to be a grown ass man.
  • Doris and Pk did this too by the way on like season 10 or 11
  • This is all suspicious. Why even put his name on the deed to begin with if you are going sign it over in the next breath. I think it has something to do with Brock’s financial problems, like the amount of money Brock owes in child support or back child support. Not a good look for him to be the owner of a 2.5 million dollar house when your were or are still catching up on unpaid child support. Plus you know he owes money on all of his unsuccessful business ventures.
  • Brock signed over his right to the house so his kids mother can’t put a lien on it for child support

See for yourself:

In case you missed it:

The US Sun reported on Scheana and Brock Davies’ finances.

VPR‘s Brock has “granted wife Scheana Shay sole ownership of their new $2.5M Sherman Oaks home.”

“The deed was signed on January 18, 2024, and a few days later, Brock, 33, signed over his rights to the home.”

In other words, “Scheana’s husband agreed to have the property as her sole and separate property.”

An LA attorney chimed in to add this happens often when a “couple is bankruptcy planning or divorce planning.”

Drop you thoughts about Scheana and Brock’s financial situation below.

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