Scheana Shay Granted Sole Ownership Of Home From Brock Davies – Is A Divorce Looming?

brock davies scheana home divorce

 Brock Davies signed sole ownership of their SoCal home over to Scheana Shay.

It’s being inferred the Vanderpump Rules stars are either planning on getting a divorce or filing bankruptcy.

Brock and Scheana’s home situation:

 According to reports from the US Sun, VPR‘s Brock has “granted wife Scheana Shay sole ownership of their new $2.5M Sherman Oaks home.”

“The deed was signed on January 18, 2024, and a few days later, Brock, 33, signed over his rights to the home.”

In other words, “Scheana’s husband agreed to have the property as her sole and separate property.”

What does this mean legally?

According to an LA-based family law attorney, “this specific legal document could mean that the couple is bankruptcy planning or divorce planning.”

This is “not something all California couples sign when purchasing new property.”

Attorney Goldie Schon explained, “The interspousal transfer grant deed is just a fancy name for quitclaim deed (which releases a person’s interest in a property without stating the nature of the person’s interest or rights) for married couples.

Is a divorce looming for Brock and Scheana because of the home transfer?

“Usually when a spouse signs this, it is part of an agreement and a divorce.”

“In Scheana and Brock’s case, it might be that they’re divorce planning.”

That isn’t the only reason why Brock would sign the home ownership to Scheana …

If not a divorce, a potential bankruptcy?!

The legal team shared with the US Sun that Scheana and Brock “could, alternatively, be bankruptcy planning.”

“The person who no longer has the house is the one that files for bankruptcy to get rid of debt.”

*This theory hits for Brock.*

On the flip side, “If he’s giving her the house, he has to get something back for it.”

“It could mean that, down the road, she’s not going to ask for spousal support because she’s getting the house.”

Are Brock and Scheana negotiating the home because they don’t have a prenup?

Goldie is confident Summer Moon’s parents “do not have a prenup in place, which is why Scheana wanted the home as her sole property.”

*Not having a prenup hits for Scheana, let’s be real.*

“There’s no way that you would be giving property from one person to the other unless you’ve already reached some sort of settlement.”

This is textbook PR:

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