Top Chef Wisconsin Live Discussion Season 21 Episode 13 ‘Set Sail’

top chef wisconsin season 21 finale live discussion

Top Chef Wisconsin Live Discussion

‘Set Sail’

Season 21 Episode 13

What to expect:

  • Only four Cheftestants remain- Chefs Dan Jacobs, Laura Ozyilmaz, Danny Garcia, and Savannah Miller.
  • For the Quickfire Challenge, the chefs are challenged to create a dish using fish and cheese.
  • Kristen Kish, Tom Colicchio, Gail Simmons and Helim Smeulders preside as host and judges, respectively.
  • The chefs then set sail on Holland America Line’s Eurodam where they enjoy a meal prepared by Chef Masaharu Morimoto.
  • The Chefs’ final Quickfire Challenge is way out in Curaçao!


In case you missed it:


The Quickfire challenge was two-parts. First was Top Chef’s infamous ‘blind tasting’ where Cheftestants were tasked to identify 26 random ingredients, blindfolded. Manny wowed the judges getting 23 out of 26 correct. In the second part of the challenge, were able to use the ingredients they identified correctly (and a limited pantry) to create a dish. Savannah won her third Quickfire challenge in a row.

The Elimination challenge asked the Chefs to reflect on their time competing in Wisconsin by creating a dish that reflects their growth. Savannah was the first to proceed to the finale with her potato pave with burned onion and cherry jam with a chicken stock reduction. Laura was next to earn a spot with her Laura with her lamb manti with barbacoa sauce.

While Manny’s performance in the blind tasting was a fantastic start to the episode, his raw snapper forced him to “Pack his knives and go.”

In unrelated news:

I just stumbled upon a website,, who calculates the odds of Awards ceremonies, The Billboard Chart, even Top Chef!
Here are Gold Derby‘s predictions for the final four’s placement: 
  1. Savannah Miller — 13/8 odds (up one spot from last week)
  2. Danny Garcia — 9/4 odds (down one spot from last week)
  3. Dan Jacobs — 37/10 odds (same position as last week)
  4. Laura Ozyilmaz — 9/1 odds (same position as last week)

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