Tom Sandoval Said The T-Shirt Comment About Ariana Madix Was About Her Lack Of Enthusiasm To Have Sex

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Vanderpump Rules villain, Tom Sandoval, proved – yet again – what an incredible douchebag he is … this time while trying to defend the snide comment he made about Ariana Madix keeping her t-shirt on during sex.

Paparazzi from TMZ caught up with the karaoke enthusiast to discuss the aftermath of Scandoval‘s Tshirt-gate.

Sandoval, also known as a worm with a mustache, claims he “never body-shamed Ariana ever.”

The t-shirt comment “had nothing to do with her body or anything.”

“It had to do with somebody being unenthusiastic” in the bedroom.

“If somebody wanted to have sex with me and I just unzipped my zipper and said, ‘Hurry up I gotta meet somebody for lunch’ … It was more about the unenthusiasm.”

@tof_r I hope no human ever gets this man’s d!ck wet again. Maybe if he were hotter, less creepy, and had talent his life partner would want to have secks with him 🤷🏻‍♀️ #scandovalgate #vanderpumprulesseason10 #wormwithamustache ♬ original sound – taste of reality

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