Shereé Whitfield Breaks Silence On Kenya Moore’s Firing And Her Own Status On RHOA

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Kenya Moore ‘s termination from the Real Housewives of Atlanta isn’t sitting well with Shereé Whitfield. Paparazzi was tipped by just happened to see the former Housewife/’friend of’ at a Whole Foods in Georgia. Shereé, like Kandi Burruss, is standing up for her friend.

“I hate to see my girl Kenya go out like that, but as an OG it was hard to sit back and watch the show slowly sink the way it is. So, I’m not happy about it. I don’t like it. Kenya is a savage. I know she’s not going down easy or quick, so I’m just going to sit back and wait and see what happens.”

When asked if Shereé would go back to RHOA, the She by Shereé founder chooses to live by the saying never says never. “I feel like an OG’s presence is always welcomed or needed on the series – no matter what the capacity. So, if the coin is right, I just might!” Speaking in third person, she reiterated, “She’s all about her money.” Shereé announced she left RHOA because “the coin wasn’t right.”

Bravo TV fans react:

  • I love Ogs sticking together, however 🤭 not Sheree calling Tmz notifying them what time she’ll be running errands 🛒🛍
  • Bravo is Bs! Who ever is running that network now, remove them Asap, they will ruin even those 2-3 normal franchises we have left! Such a disaster
  • No paps in Atlanta .. this was staged 😂
  • Joe Gorga can pass around a video of Danielle Staub on the show but lets fire Kenya for the same thing
  • Lmaoooo im hollering bc what paparazzi is following Sheree around.

In case you missed it:

While Kenya denies claims of displaying “revenge porn” at a cast event she hosted at her salon, audio leaked from the event paints a different picture. Instagram creator @FaceReality16 posted audio from Kenya’s event in which a woman can be heard exclaiming, “That’s a penis!” as Kenya goes off on Brittany.

“Brittany does escort. There’s an IG that put her email down on blast. She charges $1,400 for an appointment. You not only a ho, you a CHEAP ho.” Kenya continued, “You on covers of magazines being a thot. You over here on Snapchat, your body was like Snapchatting that pussy.”


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