Katie Maloney And Katie Flood Respond To News Of Tom Schwartz’s New Girlfriend, Sophia Skoro

tom schwartz katie girlfriend

Tom Schwartz may have a new woman in his life … and the women named Katie in his life have feelings about it.

Schwartz’s exes jumped into the comments of a social media post that stated, “The Vanderpump Rules alum, 41, sparked, dating rumors with Sophia Skoro, 23, after the recent college graduate posted a video of the pair doing a popular TikTok trend.”

**Side note – why did Page Six refer to Schwartz as ‘alum’?!?!**

Schwartz, the Katie’s, and a new girlfriend:

The first Katie to comment was Katie Floodthe Chief Stewardess from Below Deck Mediterranean that Tom casually dated on season 3 of BravoTV‘s Winter House.

Floody joked, “At least her name isn’t Katie😂👏.” Never forget, Schwartz struggled with calling the Chief Stew ‘Katie’ after being married to Katie Maloney.

…aaaaand that’s when Schwartz’s ex-wife entered the chat.

Katie Maloney added, Tom will “probably still call her Katie by accident lolol (I really tried to resist).”

VPR fans react:

  • Love how everyone is more concerned about Katie commenting than Tom practically dating a child. 
  • Honestly—23 is probably a good match for him, emotionally.
  • Why does Katie comment on everything Tom? He deserves to be happy
  • “the recent college graduate” lord
  • 23? She’s already more mature than him 🙄
  • I’m so here for Katie talking shit. She put up with that man baby For YEARS.
  • 23. So he’s a groomer now just like Sandoval 🤢🤮🤢🤮

Check out the TikTok debuting Tom’s new romantic interest:


♬ yall r weird under this sound.. – jeilyn 💤

In case you missed it when Katie Flood was Schwartz’s sort-of girlfriend:

Floody confirmed she and Schwartz hooked up while filming Winter House in September of 2023.

Instagram’s @BravoHouseRules predicted, “Calling it now, one of these newbie girls will fall for the Schwartz dumb schtick and will hook up with him.”

Katie Flood confessed it was her by dropping an emoji in the comment section. “🙋🏼‍♀️.”

Drop your thoughts about Katie and Katie’s reactions to Schwartz’s new girlfriend in the comments.