Ariana Madix’s Response In Online Poll Makes Scheana Shay Concerned For Her Livelihood

scheana worries livelihood ariana poll

Scheana Shay worries for her livelihood after Ariana Madix responded to a social media poll regarding the future of Vanderpump Rules. During an episode of the Scheananigans podcast, Scheana voiced her concerns while, simultaneously, expressing her happiness for Ariana.

Instagram users were asked, “Do you think there will be a season 12 of VPR?” Ariana answered, “No, it’s done” which resulted in Scheana being concerned in how she, as a mother, would make ends meet.

“As her friend, I fully support her pursuing her dreams. I always have. I’ve said that multiple times. If VPR and reality tv no longer served her, then move on to the next thing. She’s going back to Broadway. She’s doing Love Island. She has so many amazing things lined up, I don’t even know what else is in the pipeline for her. But, I’m sure many more amazing things. So, if it’s time to move on, I totally get it.”

“As her co-worker, if this is true, it’s kind of frustrating she would advocate for the end of a work project that is a big part of my business and what Lala and I do as mom’s do to support our families. So, that’s what’s tricky, too. With this show, our life is our job and our job is our life. As a friend, I understand and respect boundaries. As her co-worker, there can be moments where it’s frustrating.”

Bravo TV fans react:

  • she needs to look up advocacy and read the definition bc that ain’t it
  • It’s not Arianna’s responsibility to take care of Scheana and Lala’s families. She should be able to leave the show, if she wants, without being guilt-tripped
  • I think the show is done regardless. They’ve gone as far as they can. It’s not Ariana’s fault.
  • soooo Ariana should think of Blah Blah and Sheenr before taking jobs in her field of study??
  • You keep saying “you fully support her pursuing her dreams”. Those are just words ur saying to sound like a decent friend. When ur not. Ur jealous and two faced.
  • For Scheana to say that Ariana is advocating for the show to end is laughable. Ariana took an online poll! She didn’t go to the producers and try to get the show canceled!

What’s your opinion of Scheana saying Ariana advocated to end VPR by responding to an Instagram poll?